Jen: YNPE Founder

Sheree: “Pretty for a black girl”

Edwin: When we put ourselves down

Danielle: Sports & comparisons

Megan & Taylor: Friends & talking helps

Clare: awkward teenage years

Diane: Addressing the root of your feelings

Kelly: on having friends & family that boost you

How to be alone, enjoying your own company

Clare: on what your body can do for you

Claudia: Mentoring our younger sisters

Trisha: on the “Am I Ugly?” video trend

Devon: looking good through healthy means

Katie Makkai: “Pretty” Slam Poetry reading

Clare: our culture of “not enough”

Diane: Confessions of a teenage fangirl

Feride: on where she gets her confidence

Mary: owning your personal style & being compassionate

Niyati: When you don’t look like everyone else

Erika: comparing ourselves with others

Clare: we’re not alone in this feeling

Yasmin: Mom taught me best

MissRepresentation: Official Trailer

Clare: on her evolving relationship with food

Veda 22: owning who she is

Ebony Stewart: He’s in Love with Me

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …

Robin: past experiences don’t define you

Dawn: not knowing what to look for in beauty

Taylor: on being the tall girl

Dawn: how sports shaped how she views herself

Taylor: on having good parents

Lindsey: on sometimes hating online photos

Nicki Minaj: bossing up

Monica: hiding from mirrors

Tya: always remembering your self worth

Taylor: tools we can use

Philippa: being a bad ass mofo

Lindsey: food and movement

Monica: there is no real ideal of beauty

Philippa: coming into your own

Lindsey: valuing yourself

Philippa: comparing ourselves in the Facebook era

Emily: good days and bad

Monica: “the body can be a project”

Emily: self esteem and dating

Jasmine: my bright red hair

Rebecca: reflections on being the alterna kid

Jasmine: body image & fitting in

Rebecca: not letting messages get to the core

Rebecca: beauty norms and their impact

Niyati: beauty norms, yoga & finding your center

Kailei: Founder, This is My Body Project

Jenn: Founder of


David on not feeling “handsome” enough

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman on why he HAD to play Tootsie

Victoria on body image and sexuality

Jamel & Jen discuss how men & women approach “the rules of attraction” differently

Victoria on body positivity

Jamel: dating & that “not pretty enough” feeling

Victoria on the relationship between mothers & self-esteem

Building a Sisterhood at GMU

Victoria on the relationship with food

Jen’s Interview with Balpreet Kaur

Natalie on living with a disability or chronic condition

Natalie on how she defines beauty

Natalie on dating with a disability

Natalie on compliments, cosmetics and gender

Natalie on the ideal response to disability

“Worlds Ugliest Woman:” how do YOU define beauty?