Podcasts, we’ve got your podcasts…

I’ve been doing a lot of these lately and they are FUN. You never know where the conversation will lead…


Live from DC 2! Kami Ugel, Rich Bennett and Jennifer Tress share stories from our second visit to Washington DC.



Want to know the power of a good cocktail pitch? When I met Jennifer Tress at a cocktail party recently, she told me she authored a book titled “You’re Not Pretty Enough” words uttered by her ex husband as an excuse to his infidelity. Wow! Bam! Instant sisterhood! Turns out her book is a hilarious anthology of all her life’s awkward turning points. What she did not realize was the how those words put together in a sentence were lodged in so many women’s minds. Here’s our interview.


Unprofessional Podcast, “Dudes Love Star Wars. “You’re Not Pretty Enough” author Jennifer Tress joins us on this week’s Unprofessional. My first time hosting the show with two women, and I got through it without embarrassing myself.



Throwing Shade with Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi. Erin remembers she’s half Jewish and Bryan finds out the name of the guy he’s dating, plus, seriously fun discussions on CookieCott2014 and Arizona State Senate’s war on gays, all topped off with “You’re Not Pretty Enough” author and life getter, Jennifer Tress.



Hosts Karly Kingsley and Zoe Grimm chatted with author Jennifer Tress, via Skype, to discuss her book You’re Not Pretty Enough as well as societal attitudes towards what is and isn’t considered beautiful, acceptable, and ideal. Here’s our interview.




Oh, Noa. “Last week I reviewed You’re Not Pretty Enough by Jennifer Tress. The book was amazing enough, but then I got the opportunity to speak with her about her book, her life, and her mission. Don’t miss it. I gush about Bon Jovi and so does she and now we might be best friends forever.”



My New BFF is Ryan “Hot Lips” Houlihan. Super fun interview with this insightful, smart, hilarious up-and-comer. 



The Vagina Chronicles: An Interview with Jennifer Tress
“Jen’s honesty and humor make her memoir a fabulous read, no doubt, but something more came from Jen noticing how women were finding her website; Google searches for phrases, such as “Am I pretty?,” were leading tons of women to her with no place to work through that emotion. So Jen stepped in to create the You’re Not Pretty Enough movement…”


The Mariya Alexander Show 
Mariya’s friend gets random voicemails from the seedy underworld of trailer park prostitution (NSFW). Guest Jennifer Tress answers questions about her book “You’re Not a Pretty Enough” teaching us about relationships, sexuality, betrayal and redemption. Max remains the voice of male reason. Natalie’s news: a big goes on a hunger strike, North Carolina is run by idiots, and MORE!


The Sales Whisperer Interview with Jennifer Tress 
“Jen’s husband used to tell her “You’re not pretty enough” to justify why he was having an affair. Jen is an author, a consultant and a storyteller who began telling this story to deal with the situation and it resonated with listeners. Lots of people have personal stories and personal stories but not everyone is capable of turning things around to turn lemons into lemonade.”