First, you’re not alone in wondering “am I pretty enough?” We ask this more often than we realize. To ourselves, to our loved ones and sometimes to strangers. But what’s the “right” answer? And what impact do the “wrong” ones have. Several people have shared their personal stories around this feeling so that we can begin to discuss and move beyond it in a way that is authentic, empowered and productive.
When is the last time you felt “not attractive enough?” What drives/drove that feeling? How do/did you move past it? Create your own video to contribute to the conversation and help someone else realize they’re not alone. We want to hear from you and we have your back.
Give yourself a valued mantra and help spread the word about tips & tools we can all use to develop a healthy self-image when it comes to beauty norms.
Whether it’s a response we need to silence our inner critic or to others who openly criticize themselves (“I look awful,” “I’m fat,” etc.), YNPE has tools you can use.

Help us broaden our outreach by contributing to YNPE.

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  • Jen Bride1

    You’re Not Pretty Enough

    Excerpt Only He walked into the college house party as if a spotlight shone on him at all times. People immediately turned towards him, their brightened faces reaching out to pat his shoulder, slap his hand, hug him or talk to him. It’s not like …

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  • Jon Bon Jovi1

    Shot through the Heart

    I dropped my book and stared at the TV. It was late fall, 1986; I was at my Dad’s for the weekend, half-watching MTV loop its most popular videos. But this one I hadn’t seen before. Who is this band? Who’s that guy? “Shot Through …

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  • Cheersex 300

    Sex Education

    EXCERPT ONLY When my Mom was pregnant with my younger sister, I asked her where babies came from. She told me matter-of-factly that when a man’s penis becomes aroused he enters it into a woman’s vagina. Once there, sperm is released and travels to the …

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