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Podcasts interviews! Collected here…

I AM THAT GIRL: That Girl Profile: Jennifer Tress

Quinnipiac Chronicle: Author Jennifer Tress Encourages Positive Self-Esteem

Vitamin W: Heartbreak to a Movement

Book Review: Hello Giggles! It had been a while since a memoir grabbed my attention so much that before I knew it, it was 2am and I was still reading…”

Book Review: A Bookish Affair “I love books that can make me feel a lot of different emotions. I want to laugh out loud. I want to tear up. I definitely got that with this book. Ms. Tress writes incredibly candidly about all of these different stories from her life…”

Book Review: ChickLitIsn’tDead “Three words: Laugh. Out. LOUD. We love Jennifer Tress because she tells it like it is…”

Amazon selects Jen/You’re Not Pretty Enough as their newest indie author spotlight via Create Space.

The College Fix. One woman’s battle on college campuses to change the looks-are-everything culture.

Neon Notebook. Three Things I Wish I Had Known In My Twenties: Jennifer Tress.

Book Review: The New Inquiry and The Beheld. “The thing about You’re Not Pretty Enough, storyteller Jennifer Tress’s alternately hilarious and searing memoir, is that it’s not really about being pretty. In fact, save for the argument with her then-husband that the book’s title comes from—uttered unbelievably (except totally believably) in the midst of discussions about his inattentiveness and infidelity—prettiness doesn’t make much of a star turn at all. Yet that’s exactly why I found it valuable, because the thing about not feeling pretty enough is that…it’s not really about being pretty either. It’s about being enough.” 

The New Zealand Herald. The Question Every Woman Has Asked.

ChickLitCentral, Jennifer Tress Is “Pretty” Happy

LOOK Magazine, UN (print edition only, Angelina Jolie cover)

Marie Claire, Pretty Is As Pretty Does. After writer Jennifer Tress’ husband cheated on her (and blamed it on her looks!), she started a new life – now she’s changing other women’s lives, too.

The Washington Post, ‘You’re Not Pretty Enough'” Dealing With Ugly Self-Doubt

Good Morning America/ABC News, Cheating Husband’s Cruel Words Inspires Campaign For Change

JEZEBEL, One Woman Attempts to Combat the Concept of Being Pretty ‘Enough’ 

Brightest Young Things, Fireside ChatsJennifer Tress is a brilliant storyteller and now, an accomplished author. She’s the writer and life-liver of You’re Not Pretty Enough, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Huffington Post Women. Jennifer Tress Turns An Insult Into A Body Acceptance Movement

Dr. Oz’s YouBeauty. “You’re Not Pretty Enough.” What would you do if someone said that to you? Would it destroy your or make you stronger? For Jennifer Tress, it served as inspiration to help women live a happy, fulfilling life beyond appearance-obsession.

Weekend Sunrise, Sydney Australia BONUS: JEN CRAZY FACE FREEZE FRAME!

Richard Stubbs Radio Show, 774 ABC Melbourne Australia
Free Music – Audio Hosting – Richard Stubbs interviews Je…

Feminist Wednesday‘s Beaver Chat