• Jen was born in Cleveland, Ohio – home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, formerly burning rivers and B-ballers who take their talents to South Beach. From third grade on, she was reared in Newbury, Ohio, a small township with two stoplights and a Dairy King instead of a Dairy Queen. She got married at 23 and divorced at 26. In 2000, Jen moved to Washington, D.C. to continue her consulting career and flourished. She bought a house, remarried and then thought, what else?

    For a long time, she has ignored the voice in her head telling her to “start writing dammit!” There are other voices in her head that she prefers to ignore – Shut up! I think opening another bottle of wine at 2:00 a.m. is a perfectly sound decision! – but the writing voice? It got louder. Jen has published professionally in trade magazines, but yearned to write words other than “change management,” “paradigm shift,” or “wheelhouse.” So she set out to do just that, publishing humorous, honest pieces in magazines and anthologies and completing her first book, a memoir titled You’re Not Pretty Enough. The title refers to something her ex would say to her, which is why *ahem* he’s her ex.

    Jen also performs her stories live in Washington, DC and New York City where she produces a monthly show.

    Photo credit: J. Windon, The Blonde Photographer.