Building a Sisterhood at GMU

  • Solaris

    Nice Video Love the Song, I Know What They Mean….Hate to Feel Unloved

    • Jennifer Tress

      Thanks for watching! This was a passion project for sure.

      • Solaris

        yeah it fits a lot of women men are pigs everyone looks changes through time even theirs it’s the heart that matters if someone truly loves you that shouldn’t change especially when we know they will end up with useless shrong, saggy rear & no hair hmmmp

  • Face2Face

    This is cool. I live in Northern Virginia and chose not to attend GMU because I was looking for a different atmosphere. This is totally awesome. All you sisters are beautiful!

  • rubykat

    love love love love this song – needs to be on much music. needs to win awards i want it on my ipod. i want everyone to hear it. it is awesome! thank you..Kat

  • CiCi

    Awesome video! Go Mason!! :)