• Office Romance

    Office Romance Excerpt

    [Excerpt only]: I attended a mandatory conference in Washington, D.C. for all new consultants at the firm where I worked. It was highly professional, but also included play time. The conference was Sunday through Friday and taught us about how to work with clients, and …

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  • Jen Bride1

    You’re Not Pretty Enough

    Excerpt Only He walked into the college house party as if a spotlight shone on him at all times. People immediately turned towards him, their brightened faces reaching out to pat his shoulder, slap his hand, hug him or talk to him. It’s not like …

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  • Jon Bon Jovi1

    Shot through the Heart

    I dropped my book and stared at the TV. It was late fall, 1986; I was at my Dad’s for the weekend, half-watching MTV loop its most popular videos. But this one I hadn’t seen before. Who is this band? Who’s that guy? “Shot Through …

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